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A New Treatment For Lazy Eye Using AI

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The #1 Software For Lazy Eye Treatment At Home

Correct your lazy eye at home while
watching Netflix Or Youtube.

Engineered To be (Almost) Effortless

We combine AI and advanced eye tracking to improve and train your lazy eye, in the comfort of your home.

Easy to install and use software. Works for Windows and MacOS.

Next to an external or built-in-webcam, no other equipment is required.

Why LazyEyeFix?



Regular vision training



Know Exactly When Your Eye Slips Off:

The software analyses the movement of both left and right eye, with an accuracy of more than 98%.

Then gives you feedback when they're out of alignment.

This builds the fundamental for you to be able to control your eye movement. Which is one of the fundamental pillars to improve your lazy eye.

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Made for people with a lazy eye,
from people who suffered from a lazy eye.

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