Our vision:

A world where no person suffers from a lazy eye.

Our mission:

To empower people by providing an effective,
starter treatment to everyone suffering from



Think long-term. Act urgently in the moment.


Insist on the impossible. Continuous, unyielding effort makes the impossible possible.


Kaizen. Life is too short to aim for anything less than perfection.


Unorthodox results. Results are the judge of our work – not normalcy.


Simplicity. Good things are complex.Great things are simple.

Founder: Florian Wüest
Florian suffered from a lazy eye since birth. Underwent lazy eye surgery, as well as years of vision training. After spending thousands of dollars on treatments and only seeing marginal results - Florian decided to take matters in his own hand.

AI Developer: Lee Asher
A 20+ year software engineer veteran – with strong knowledge in AI. Holder of 30+ patents in software design and algorithms.

Web Developer: Abrar Ahmed
Seasoned full-stack developer with in-depth knowledge of 7 programming languages. Extensive experience in API Development - and database management (MySQL, PostgreSQL).

Vision Therapy Doctor: Florian Wüest
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