How does our software work?

Our Lazyeyefix software works by fixing the underlying issue of eye misalignment.

How To Fix The Underlying Issue Of Strabism (Lazy Eye)

Let's start with a quick exercise:

See the rose here? Aim to look at it with both eyes.

Let me make a (scientific) guess: If you’re having a lazy eye, you only looked at the picture with one eye.

That is different to a person with normal vision.

The brain of a person with normal vision considers the input of both eyes and turns each image of the eyes into a full, coherent one.


The brain of a person with a lazy eye considers only 1 input – of the dominant eye – and completely suppresses the other eye.

That is the underlying issue of strabism (lazy eye).


Our treatment option aims to fix that underlying issue. We do so by combining the tested and proven vision therapy method:
1. Making you aware of your deviation angle – with
2. A novel approach using advanced eye tracking and artificial intelligence.

Given the instant feedback of your deviation angle, you will see quickly that there are times when your eyes are more aligned than others.

Given enough training, this awareness will allow you to re-wire your vision habits so the deviation angle is decreased, and your eyes are aligned – permanently.

A lazy eye can be fixed in adults permanently by:

Awareness: Getting aware of where both of our eyes are pointing to in space.
Look straight: Learning to point both eyes in the same direction.
Look straight – long enough: Building a habit out of using both eyes simultaneously. So you can look straight – without needing to think about it.

The lazyeyefix software helps with all 3 of these points.

It gives you clear and concise feedback of your deviation angle using AI. The software does this better than any other training methods.
It helps you understand when your eyes are more aligned – due to accurate data tracking that works in the background (even if you watch Netflix).
It helps keep you motivated until new vision habits are built because you can track your progress - using the data gathered – accurately.

So, how long does it take to see results?

While building a habit usually takes about 6 months – it’s common that users see clear benefits in their eye angle within one day of usage.

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